Online Travel Bookings WebSites


Have a travel agency and want to do the next step? Want to make your own website for hotel reservations?

With our solutions you are able to

  • Have your corporate identity intact since the website's visitor is not aware of third parties who provide you with tourist accommodation services.
  • Get access to multiple travel distribution simultaneously
  • Provide results of filtered search services to your customers
  • Display all information under your brand
  • Easily manage your bookings or reservations whether coming from customers or your own employees who serve in your travel agency.
  • Get faster and secure online payments using credit cards and PayPal.

Our system provides a uniform way of handling multiple services communicating with the largest travel service distribution systems, ideal for travel agencies wishing to offer an online experience to their customers by offering everything under their brand.

By using special additions, the agent is able to connect to any xml provider, even after installing the system. With more than one xml distributors the system is able to filter out unwanted results returned by the searches and provide the customer a consolidated result in uniform manner.


Search Hotels and lodging

Online Bookings

Profit margins / Markets

Handling multiple distributors with XML

Payment by bank or Paypal

Separate interface for your in shop sales for use by your employees serving customers who choose to visit your office.

Unlike other products that are either expensive or difficult and unwilling to adapt to your specific needs our solution comes with the philosophy and understanding of an ever changing market and easily adapts to new requirements you may have at any time.

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